Nowadays people are more aware of managing their expenses and making sure they get value for the money they spend. Without a doubt, a hot tub is a great investment in your personal wellness, but an energy efficient hot tub has some added benefits. When shopping for the ideal hot tub, it’s important to not only consider the upfront purchase price but also the ongoing energy costs to use the spa.

 You can find a hot tub that has a lower purchase price, but does it have the energy efficient features you may want? While many people base their purchasing choice on the lowest retail price, this can have an immediate negative consequence on their monthly electric bill. Fortunately, there are features available that will reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and result in having an energy efficient hot tub to enjoy for many years to come.

 Hot tub energy consumption is straightforward and predictable. Selecting an energy efficient hot tub will help shield you from a rise in utility rates. The cost you pay per kilowatt hour can fluctuate throughout the year, and over the past decade electricity rates have increased. So, if you opt for a spa that doesn’t have energy efficient features, you’ll see a bigger impact on your electricity bill when rates change.

 Jets, lounge seats, and foot massagers are popular features of a hot tub, but the cost to operate your hot tub is also an important feature to think about when choosing the hot tub for you. An energy efficient hot tub, which has full foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover, might have a bigger price tag. Nevertheless, the hot tub will cost less to operate in the long-term.

 Whether you’re choosing a new hot tub or optimizing energy consumption on the hot tub you already own, here are the factors that matter most.


 Insulation is the most important factor in energy consumption. Your hot tub can lose heat through its walls. The more heat it loses, the harder it has to work to keep the water warm. There are a variety of insulation options including:

  •  Convection – This is a lining around the perimeter of the spa that transfers the heat generated by the motor and pumps it back into the hot tub water.

  • Full-foam – This is a urethane foam that fills and fully insulates the space between the hot tub shell and its cabinet.

  • Total Insulation – This insulation style uses multiple layers of foam in varying thicknesses. The high-density foam expands and compresses the light-density foam to fill or minimize voids and gaps where heat can escape from your hot tub.

  • Fibercor™ – Fibercor is a pioneering new material that is four times denser than the full-foam urethane insulation material used on most hot tubs.

 Invest In A Spa Cover

 It’s important to buy and use, a well-fitting cover. The cover helps hold heat in, prevents water loss due to evaporation so it takes less energy to heat the water, and reduces the need to refill the tub. In addition to a high-quality cover, a floating thermal blanket can provide an additional layer of insulation and even extend the cover’s life by reducing waterlog.

A well-insulated hot tub cover helps a hot tub preserve its heat. A great cover has these features:

  • Fits tightly

  • Has a dense, high R-value (its resistance to heat) foam core

  • Includes additional material to lock in heat at the edges and seams

It’s equally important to take good care of your spa cover. Having a good-quality spa cover is key to locking in heat that can escape from your spa water. Be sure to choose a cover that is designed specifically for your spa model. Over time, your cover will deteriorate, which will allow heat to leak. If you take care of your cover, this will take years to happen, but when it begins to deteriorate, it’s time to get a new cover.

Regular Maintenance

Sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule for your hot tub will help with energy usage and the water will be cleaner and more refreshing. Clogged filters affect the circulation of your hot tub water and will cause your pump to work overtime. The heater will perform less efficiently, increasing your electric use and monthly bill.

Be attentive to the quality of your spa water. When you take good care of your spa water, it will last longer. When you drain and refill your spa, you have to heat a large volume of water from cold to hot, and your energy bill will reflect that.

The Right Temperature

Lowering the temperature of the water when you are not using your hot tub can help make it more energy efficient. It might mean a short wait for it to warm up, but it will save energy and keep your utility bill down in the long run. Each degree you turn the temperature down can save as much as 10% on your hot tubs’ annual electricity costs!

You should also make sure to turn off the jets when you’re not using the hot tub. The jets use air to move water, which is great when you’re enjoying your hot tub – but as the water moves through the jets, the air will slightly cool the water. When not in use, turning off the jets will stop that cooling process and ultimately require less energy to keep the water at your chosen temperature.

A Final Word

There are a number of factors that go into an energy efficient hot tub. It starts with excellent construction and building materials, a well-insulated hot tub, and a snug-fitting cover that is designed to keep in heat. There are a number of things you can do to help your hot tub be energy efficient such as doing regular maintenance, adjusting the temperature, and turning off the jets when the hot tub is not being used.

At Crystal Water Hot Tubs we offer many energy efficient hot tubs for you to choose from. And, because we want you to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come, we also have high quality covers and all the products and accessories you need to maintain your hot tub.

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