Swim spas provide more than a place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. They also offer health benefits, low-impact aerobic exercise opportunities, and a great way to unwind after a long day. While these advantages make swim spas attractive to most people, many homeowners wonder if a swim spa is worth the investment or if they should install a pool instead.

In this blog we’re going to discuss how swim spas are different than pools, what the health benefits of owning a swim spa are, and what a swim spa costs.

Swim Spas versus Pools

A pool used to be a prized home addition and a symbol of luxury. But, with the rise in popularity of swim spas over the last few years, many families looking to buy a pool for the first time are faced with a decision: Should they buy a more traditional in-ground or above ground pool, or should they get a swim spa?

Looking back on it, and taking the costs of installation and years of maintenance into consideration, many families wished they’d never dived into having a pool. A swim spa offers the perks of water recreation and relaxation in the comfort of your backyard without the downsides.

Let’s take a look at four things to consider when choosing between buying a pool or swim spa.

Cost and Installation

Naturally, one of the first questions most people ask about either is, “How much is this going to cost me?” As it should be, price is a big concern. The cost difference between the two is significant. On average installing a swim spa installation will cost you about half that of a pool. (Further down, we’ll talk specifically about what a swim spa costs.)

And, unlike swim spas, with a pool in the backyard, your homeowner insurance costs will increase and most cities and towns will require you to install a security fence. Lastly, a pool can take weeks to install after the purchase. A swim spa will only take an afternoon to install and it will be ready to use within days of purchase.

Operation and Maintenance

Beyond the installation costs, you should think through how much it will cost you to run your swimming spa or pool before choosing which to buy. One of the biggest complaints pool owners have is the cost to operate and maintain their pool. The time and money it takes to keep a pool running properly is significant.

Traditional pools require large pumps to keep the water moving. The larger the pumps, the more energy you’ll need to use. Skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and monitoring chemicals all need to be done at least once a week, and that’s just the basics of maintaining a pool.

Swim spas, on the other hand, use fewer chemicals, less water, and take significantly less time to maintain. Being insulated and smaller than typical pools they are also far less expensive to heat. This adds up to huge savings in both time and money for swim spa owners.


Obviously, a swim spa has much smaller space requirements than a pool, making it more flexible and convenient. A swim spa can be installed inside or outside, above ground or in-ground, or on your deck.

Due to its smaller size, a swim spa is also mobile, so you don’t have to lose your investment. If you move, you can bring your swim spa to your new home. Even with its’ smaller footprint, your friends can still enjoy it with you? Depending on the size and model you go with, swim spas can hold anywhere up to 10 people or more!

Return on Your Investment

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when talking about a return on their investment is resale value. Contrary to popular belief a pool doesn’t increase your home’s value nor will you recover its costs when you sell? As they are typically appraised at half their original value anyone who’s not a pool salesman will tell you that pools are a terrible investment.

Swim spas, on the other hand, are much better at retaining their original value, don’t scare away potential home buyers with the hassle or liability of a pool, and can even go with you when you move if you want. And, in terms of use, a swim spa is a pool, hot tub, and gym all in one compact package that can be used year-round.

For these reasons, many people are choosing to purchase swim spas over pools. At the same time, the health of benefits of swim spas are also major purchase considerations.

Swim Spa Health Benefits

Health is one of the top reasons that homeowners install swim spas. Illness, injuries, and stress all destroy quality of life and lead to additional health problems. Regular use of a swim spa helps improve fitness, correct health problems and prevent them in the first place.

Exercising and soaking in a swim spa on a regular basis can result in a variety of health benefits, including:

  • Improved sleep

  • Eased muscle tension

  • Reduced stress

  • Weight loss/maintenance

  • Soothed arthritic joints

  • Improved post-injury recovery

Unsurprisingly, the biggest swim spa health benefits are centered on swimming. Even though swim spas have a small physical footprint, the swim-in-place technology lets you get the best swim experience possible. Your open water swim is at your control and you don’t have to stop for a flip turn like in a traditional in-ground pool after a few strokes.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or an exercise novice, swim spas can give you the workout you need. You can swim, run or walk on a hydraulically run underwater treadmill, power up some aerobics, cycle underwater, enjoy rowing, or tackle other resistance exercises like strength training or conditioning workouts depending on the swim spa and accessories that you choose.

With a swim spa, you can enjoy a low-impact exercise routine that is more effective and gets you in better shape by utilizing the natural resistance and buoyancy of the water. Buoyancy makes you feel significantly lighter which takes pressure off the hips, knees, ankles, and back while working out. This resistance slows you down which places less stress on your body while also dramatically increasing your strength.

These are just a few of the health benefits of exercising in a swim spa. If you’re interested here’s a link for a more comprehensive list of benefits.

Cost of a Swim Spa

There’s a fairly wide swim spa price range, depending on the size and features you’re looking for. Generally speaking, you can expect a range from $10,000 on the lower end to well over $30,000 for a fully customized swim spa. Clearly, a high end swim spa is not cheap but they are still less than half the price of a nice pool.

As a guide, you can expect to pay around $20,000 for a swim spa to be installed in your home. Whichever spa you choose will be installed with high-powered jets, which you can change the speed of to suit your needs. If you want to unwind, you can soak in your spa and feel your muscles become more relaxed. If you want to challenge yourself, you can get active and create a current that you can swim against to feel revitalized. At Crystal Waters Hot Tubs we offer some of the finest swim tubs on the market – the Coast Spas Swim Collection.

A Final Word

With the best swim spas, you can create a haven of relaxation in your own home. Suitable for treating muscle pain or to simply help you unwind after long days, these pools are the key to creating a spa environment in your own backyard. A high-quality swim spa is an investment into your health and wellbeing at home that you’ll be thankful for.

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