Buying a hot tub is such an exciting time. You finally have that backyard oasis you always wanted! Your aches and pains are about to melt away and your sleep is going to improve drastically. But, you have some work to do before then and some work to do to maintain a better experience for yourself. Those things can get overwhelming and tedious. The good news is that we recently introduced an annual hot tub service program that can take the stress out of your annual hot tub maintenance.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to maintain your hot tub, and then we’ll introduce you to our brand new annual hot tub service program.

Maintenance Schedule

Setting up your hot tub can be time consuming. You will need to fill your hot tub to where your manufacturer recommends before electrical work is conducted. You cannot turn your spa on until it is filled, or your motor will blow out on you before you even get in it. After filling your tub, you will have to add chlorine in the amount that is recommended for your specific hot tub. Once the hot tub is heated to the correct temperature, you will need to check your pH and either add pH increaser or decreaser depending on the outcome of the test. Going forward, you should check your pH before and after each use to make sure bacteria is now in risk of growing.

Filters will need to be changed every three months. In between that time, you can take them out and clean them in a deep bucket of water and filter cleaning solution. At this time, you should also vacuum the bottom of your hot tub to make sure any sand or dirt is taken out. When returning the filter, you will need to again check the pH.

At the six-month mark, you will need to empty your hot tub and refill with some new water. Before emptying it, you will need to use a jet line cleaner in the spa and run it for 30 minutes. After that, you will drain it completely. You can then clean all jets with some vinegar and the tub itself with spa gloss. After the gloss dries, you can refill the water and do the initial setup again.

This may seem like a lot of work to maintain your hot tub, but it is essential to have a safe and fun experience in your hot tub. Luckily, we have created a system that will make this maintenance schedule seamless for you!

Introducing Our New Hot Tub Service Program

Here at Crystal Waters, we are so excited to introduce our new hot tub service program. We are always trying to make your lives easier and your buying experience more pleasurable. With our hot tub service program, we can take the stress out of maintaining your hot tub and setting it up. We have created packages that fit each consumer’s needs, along with some special a la carte options.

Basic Maintenance

Our first package is a simple delivery of filters and chemicals quarterly, taking the thought out of your basic maintenance. With this package, you receive an initial startup chemical kit and instructions on how to setup your hot tub. We also include a troubleshooting guide and checklist to help you with your setup.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Our second package includes the delivery of filters and chemicals quarterly with a bi-annual vacuum of your spa. You receive the guides and checklists with this as well, but you will need to empty and refill your hot tub every six months.

Full Service

Our third package includes initial setup of your spa, including filling and regulating the water in the hot tub! You will also receive quarterly servicing and cleaning with a delivery of filters and chemicals. Every six months, we will empty and refill your hot tub and re-regulate the water for you. We will teach you how to maintain your pH and give you an extensive guide on what you will need to do.

A La Carte Options

In addition to our hot tub service program options, we also offer a la carte options. The first option is initial setup, where you receive an initial startup chemical kit, instructions on how to setup your hot tub, and filling and regulating the water in the hot tub. You can opt to have us clean, empty, and refill your hot tub as well. More options will be added as we expand the program in the future!

Stress Should be the Last Thing On Your Mind

Helping you setup and maintain your spa is something that we hope will help with your experience. You should be able to get into your hot tub sooner and with less stress!

This service program can be added on at any time. Each package has a monthly or annual payment option. If you opt for the annual plan, you will receive a discount.

If you are interesting in any of our hot tub service plan options, or for pricing and more information, please contact us at 401-486-6459!

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