A hot tub makes a great addition to any backyard oasis, but for some people, the upfront costs can be an obstacle to purchasing. At Crystal Waters, we strive to make them an affordable luxury, but we must note that the introduction of Plug and Play hot tubs changed the game.

You may not be familiar with Plug and Play hot tubs, or you might have questions about whether it is the right choice for you. This blog will help answer your questions about 110v hot tubs so you can make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Plug and play hot tubs have become popular over the last few years because they removed a common barrier to hot tub ownership; the 220v electrical hookup. By making hot tubs with standard 110v plugs, manufacturers have been able to not only lower the cost of installing a portable spa but have made it much more convenient.

While it’s true that Plug and Play hot tubs are more affordable than their hard wired counterparts, there are some big differences between these types and standard hot tubs. Before you make a buying decision, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this alternative.

What is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

A Plug and Play hot tub is a spa that runs on standard 110v power, so you can plug it into any 3-pronged outlet and start enjoying your spa right away. Most hot tubs are hard wired and run on 220v power, which means you have to hire an electrician to set up the appropriate electrical source and wire your hot tub before it can be used.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a Plug and Play hot tub.

Plug and Play Hot Tub Advantages

  • Affordability – If you want to have a hot tub in your backyard but don’t have a lot to invest, a Plug and Play hot tub is a great option. Many of these models are basic and don’t come with all the bells and whistles that standard hot tubs have.

  • As a 110v hot tub is usually a smaller one-pump spa, the initial purchase price can be a lot less than the other options. Also, their smaller size and lower power requirements make Plug and Play hot tubs less expensive compared to standard hot tubs that need 220v to operate.

  • Ease of Installation – Because there isn’t a separate heater or water pump for you to install you do not need to worry about the extra upfront costs of hiring a professional installer, nor worry about wiring or plumbing with plug and play models. All you do is plug the spa into a 110v outlet, set your desired temperature, and you can enjoy your new hot tub.

  • Portability – If you want to change your backyard layout, unlike most hot tubs, you can move your plug-and-play hot tub to a new location with relative ease. You could even move it inside to use it during the winter if you want to. This is also a great feature for people who want the health and relaxation benefits of a hot tub but who rent their home and do not have the option to run new electrical wiring. And, if you move, you can take your Plug and Play hot tub with you.

Plug and Play Hot Tub Disadvantages

  • Less Jet Power – In general, Plug and Play hot tubs will have less jet power and a lower jet count than conventional 220v spas. This is because the 110v wiring only allows for 1 hot tub pump instead of 2 or 3. Additional pumps with higher horsepower allow water to flow faster to the jets, providing a stronger therapeutic massage. So, if you want to get a hot tub because of the health benefits, you may want to consider a more powerful 220v spa.

  • Fewer Features – Because of the power limitations of Plug and Play hot tubs, they often offer fewer features than their 220v counterparts. This might mean no mood lighting options or no built-in audio system. Plug and Play hot tubs don’t have the powerful jets that standard hot tubs do because the smaller pump can’t support them. And in some instances, the tubs also have fewer jets to allow for more flow from each one. If you want to entertain friends and family, you might need a hot tub with more features.

  • Heating Time and Heat Retention – While you save time and money by not needing additional wiring because a 110v hot tub has less power than a conventional hot tub it can take quite a bit longer to get your water to your ideal temperature. With a smaller heater, it has to run longer and harder than a full-sized pump to keep the water warm. And, the heater and pumps can’t be running at the same time, so the water temperature might drop a bit if you stay in your spa too long with the jets running. In a Plug and Play hot tub when you turn the jets to high speed the heater shuts off. If you turn the jets back down to low speed it will allow the heat to run as well. This is something to think about depending on how you want to use your hot tub.

A Final Word

 As you can see, there are many pros and cons to Plug and Play hot tubs, and the decision about whether to buy one depends on your needs. Plug and Play hot tubs offer the convenience and affordability many homeowners want. When creating your ultimate backyard oasis, make sure you look at all the options available to you.

With the numerous hot tub options available, it’s important to do your homework before spending your money on a new one. Here at Crystal Waters Hot Tubs we offer a wide selection of models and will give you the advice you need on how to choose the best hot tub for you.

Then, you will be able to go ahead and purchase the perfect unit that will suit your budget, space, and preference. Stop by, give us a call at 401-486-7486 or drop us a message to learn more.