Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and it’s right around the corner. While any night can be perfect for a hot tub date night with your partner, Valentine’s Day can take perfection to another level.

Something incredible occurs when you’re soaking with your partner in the hot tub – you get to focus totally on each other, without any disruptions or other people overrunning your space or conversation. Your backyard oasis is the perfect quiet space!

A great hot tub date night begins well before the candles are lit. As the day goes on the eagerness builds, so by the time you’re together, you’re both ready for romance. And, a hot tub date night is an ideal way to let everything go while demonstrating to your partner just how romantic you can be, regardless of the night you do it.

One of the best things about having a hot tub is you can have a hot tub date night whenever you want. But, since this is date night we’re talking about, we know you want to make things really special. So, here are some date night ideas designed to help you create the perfect romantic feeling.

Set The Intention

Don’t cut romantic corners here! Your hot tub date night is supposed to be an escape for both you and your partner. Create intention and anticipation for your night. You can create a homemade invitation, or write them a sweet love note asking them to join you. You could let your partner know early in the day that they should look forward to a relaxing and romantic evening. Or you could send a few texts over the course of the day with hints about what’s to come.

Create An Intimate Space

Think about things you could do to make your romantic hot tub date night experience more cozy and intimate. Have plush robes at the ready, along with slippers for walking to and from your hot tub. Keep extra towels on hand, too. For an extra romantic touch, you could scatter rose petals along the walkway leading to the hot tub. Perhaps most importantly, leave all phones and devices far away and in silent mode during your date. Work can wait. This night is about the two of you. Give yourselves permission to be fully present in the moment and dedicate your attention exclusively to each other.


When preparing your hot tub for date night, remember that nothing sets the mood better than lighting. You could string up some twinkle lights, use dimly lit lanterns, light the fire pit, or set out a bunch of candles to decorate the area around your hot tub. The lighting will produce a romantic atmosphere and your date will appreciate your attention to detail. Many hot tubs have customizable lighting features that allow you to adjust the lighting in and around your spa. Some even allow you to choose the color of light that you can use to heighten the romantic mood.


Nothing sets the mood quite like a romantic playlist. Jazz up your date with music that will remind your partner of magic moments you’ve shared together. It could be all instrumentals, romantic tunes, or a playlist of his or her favorite songs. If you have one, make sure to include “our song” in the mix. And, if your hot tub has an entertainment system with wireless speakers, you’ll be able to stream music live or play songs from your collection.


Hot Tub Aromatherapy is not only specially formulated for relaxation, but it can also be used to set just the right mood for romance. Increase your senses with romantic scents that will help alleviate any stresses, so you can be fully in the moment with your partner.

Flowers can also stimulate your olfactory senses, so select several sweet-smelling varieties to place around your hot tub.

Date Night Food

Finger foods are perfect. When choosing what foods you’ll enjoy in the hot tub, make sure they’re easy to grab and eat in the water. A fruit and cheese tray or charcuterie platter is perfect. Fruits with high water content such as strawberries, grapes, and melons are refreshing to eat while relaxing in hot water. Easy-to-nibble appetizers and miniature desserts like cookies, truffles, or chocolate-dipped strawberries are always a good choice.

No romantic date night is complete without champagne, and that includes your hot tub date night. Champagne (even the non-alcoholic kind!) is a great way to set just the right mood. Share a bottle of champagne with your partner, and let the bubbles do their magic!

Now It’s Time For Date Night!

Now you’re ready to go! You’ve thought out and planned all the considerations for a perfect hot tub date night. Now it’s time sit back and relax knowing that your only concern is how you will top this occasion during your next date night!

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