Many think of a hot tub as a luxurious Jacuzzi in a huge house. While luxury and hot tub might go hand in hand, you might not expect to find affordable and luxury in the same place. We are here to tell you that you can afford a hot tub, and they are so much more than just a means to help you relax. Spending time in a hot tub provides health benefits and be a part of a well-rounded and healthy life.

The Luxury Hot Tub Experience

 If you haven’t invested in a hot tub yet, now is the time to do it. A luxury hot tub provides you a spa-like experience right in the comfortable confines of your home. Best of all, you don’t have to go anywhere, or waste big bucks, to savor the experience. While hot tubs are usually associated with a luxury lifestyle, you no longer have to compromise on quality or affordability to enjoy a relaxing soak in your home.

 If you don’t know what to expect, let us create the luxury hot tub experience for you in words.

Tailored to You

At Crystal Waters, you can choose from a variety of hot tubs in our inventory, from smaller, entry level spas right up to luxurious retreats with all the bells and whistles. We recently began carrying Coast Spas, which has an extensive luxurious line of hot tubs. This line has something for everyone to enjoy, which is often a rarity with perceived luxury items.

These spas are made to fit every lifestyle and home aesthetic. You can choose the Traditional Collection for the classic hot tub experience. Or, you can also opt for modern luxury with the contemporary Curve Collection. If you prefer unique designs, you can try out the unparalleled Infinity Collection. We are here for you to help you decide which level of affordable luxury makes sense for you.

Long-Lasting Luxury

Well-built luxury hot tubs will last you for a long time to come. Coast Spas are among the world’s best built spas with the strongest shells. They are tested to deliver the highest of quality and resilience.

An irreplaceable shell of a hot tub is crucial to its long lasting performance. The floor and sides of every Coast Spas luxury hot tub is fitted with layers of premium fiberglass to last for years to come, ensuring that your luxury hot tub will deliver you enduring comfort.  When you choose to invest in a home spa, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality, the best price, the most options, and a comprehensive warranty.

Less Energy, More Work

All of our hot tubs are not only affordable, but durable as well. In fact, both Viking Spas and Coast Spas, our two biggest supplies, manufacture affordable luxury into every part of their hot tubs. You not only get affordable options when you first buy the luxury hot tub, but also receive a reprieve from high utility bills with every use. Coast Spa hot tubs use high-efficiency 5HP pumps that produce better flow of water while using less electricity than three household bulbs! We have options for hard-wired and plug and play hot tubs as well, and we will work with you to give you the best option for your needs and wants.

Affordable Luxury and Easy Financing Options

At Crystal Waters Hot Tubs we place emphasis on the term ‘affordable luxury’ because we know you no longer have to be a certain level of ‘well-to-do’ to enjoy and experience this luxury in your home. We offer a wide selection of luxury hot tubs that duplicate the experience you would get at any top spa in the world, all while being in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can purchase your hot tub with flexible and affordable financing options. You can acquire our full range of luxury hot tubs with 0% financing over 24 months which makes your investment a truly affordable luxury.

 This means the rejuvenating luxury of a hot tub is truly within reach without adding stress to your budget. You will enjoy the numerous benefits of hot tubs without emptying your bank account or having to compromise on quality at all!

 Health Benefits

 As we mentioned earlier, hot tubs are not just there to act as a stylistic feature in your home. They offer a lot more than that! Warm water is the ultimate soother for your body, and with the powerful jets of hot water, they provide hot tub hydrotherapy. Soaking in warm water helps to reduce swelling, loosen muscle knots and relieve any tension in your body. The warm water’s buoyancy will also shoulder the weight of aching joints.

Given the rising stressors in today’s day and age, hot tub therapy can also alleviate mental tension. A hot tub soak is able to deliver some of the same benefits as exercise. This significantly improves the mental state of a person right at home. Hot tub hydrotherapy is also known to help deliver a significantly improved night’s sleep without any disturbances. When you sleep better, you automatically feel better!

The Perfect Place

Why must you step out of your house to go to a spa to relax and unwind when you can access affordable luxury in your own home. Our well-designed and well-constructed hot tub spas deliver the same high-quality experience, but in a perfect place – the comfort and ease of your home.

Whether you want to sip a glass of wine with your partner on an anniversary or invite friends and family over for fun, having a luxury hot tub in your house adds a pleasant new dimension to your night.

Coast Spas has years of experience creating luxury hot tubs for its valued customers. The primary aim is to provide you the same experience you would find at a 5-star spa, but with the added ease of being in your own home. With the new range of luxury hot tubs, every customer will find just what they are looking for.

At Crystal Waters Hot Tubs we strive to make luxury affordable, accessible and tailored to you. Call, shop online, or visit our showroom where we would be more than happy to learn about your goals for wellness and luxury and show you our extensive options.