After investing in a spa, what’s next on the agenda? Location, location, location! Finding the ideal placement for your slice of affordable luxury may take some planning. Hot tub owners can choose to keep their spa indoors or locate it outside. There are a few things to consider before deciding where to park your piece of paradise.

Choosing the Outdoor Option

Spa owners who live to embrace the refreshing chill of a fall or winter day and to entertain outside on cold winter nights love the idea of an outdoor hot tub. For many outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying the unique sounds of nature while lounging in their relaxing spa is simply unparalleled!

And for the cost-conscious spa owner, the refreshing smells of earth and sun mixed with the low cost of setup and placement of an outdoor hot tub is a winning combination. And, utilizing the natural drainage potential and ventilation found outdoors has many spa owners going “Au Naturale” and loving it.

Outdoor hot tubs do have some potential downsides. Lifespans of hot tubs can suffer from being left out in the weather without adhering to a regular maintenance schedule. And if you shudder at the thought of venturing out into the cold to utilize your stylish spa, you may want to consider keeping your hot tub indoors.

Some spa owners prefer more privacy when enjoying a relaxing soak after a long day. So, if putting up a privacy fence or screen is not on your schedule, you may fall into the “indoor hot tub” owner category.

Choosing the Indoor Option

While setup costs, ventilation, and drainage issues can be a concern, some spa owners prefer a more private space for their hot tub. If you love to lounge in the privacy of your home, an indoor spa may be your ticket to a “stay-at-home” vacation.

If you thrive in mild climates rather than winter wonderlands, you might be an “indoor” hot tub owner. Quick access to the bathroom, the snack bar, and your favorite fuzzy slippers is only a step away for those who prefer their spa indoors.

While damage from outdoor weather isn’t a concern with indoor spas, other expenditures may act as a deterrent for indoor placement.

Does your home have enough space for an installation? Indoor hot tubs require good ventilation, plumbing, and electrical wiring adjustments. Most homes need floor reinforcement to ensure the added weight of the spa doesn’t cause damage to their structures. If you plan accordingly, despite the expense, you may be one step closer to improving your home environment and home equity!

It’s Your Choice

One thing is Crystal clear: a spa in your space will add benefit and ease to your day-to-day. Whether your hot tub finds a home indoors or outdoors, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury in person!

The only question is what is your preference? Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each, you’ll be rewarded with a unique fixture in your space that pays dividends in stress relief and fun experiences for years to come!

In Conclusion

Where would you like to see your memories being made? Indoors or outdoors? Whatever your preference, you can be sure that Crystal Waters will keep you pleased and confident in your choice! Contact Crystal Waters today and find out how quickly you can begin to experience the “spa” treatment you crave!