Who is Superior Wellness?

Founded 10 years ago, Superior Wellness is now the world’s fastest growing hot tub manufacturer. Superior Wellness is an innovative manufacturer, importing from several countries to offer the widest choice of hot tubs, swim spas, and other related products to their trade and retail customers.

Their vision is to be the world market leader in hot tubs and swim spas, offering the widest choice of high-quality products and renowned for their focus on wellness and best in class customer experience.

They lead the hot tub manufacturing market and create premium, high quality products focused on improving health and overall well-being. From their base in Chesterfield, UK they work with 200 partners across the UK, Europe, and USA and serving thousands of customers worldwide.

By offering exceptional hot tubs and swim spas to suit every customer’s needs, their hot tub products aim to improve wellness, help you relax, and lead a happier and healthier life while spending quality time with loved ones.

With innovation as one of their brand values, they are continuously striving to innovate and improve products based on customer feedback and insight. They are committed to improving the energy efficiency of their products, and for inspiration have looked at how modern homes are insulated. They believe a hot tub should not be built any differently.

And now, as a Superior Wellness distributor, Crystal Waters Hot Tubs is bringing the best of the United Kingdom to the United States – and their best is Platinum Spas!

What Sets Platinum Spas Apart?

Platinum Spas are part of Superior Wellness; Europe’s largest hot tub and swim spa distributor. Their mission, in line with ours here at Crystal Waters, is to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, always innovating to bring you high quality premium products. They focus on improving wellness and offer a global range of award-winning hot tubs, swim spas, and other related products.

Platinum Spas takes great pride in the quality of their hot tub and swim spas, using the latest technology on the build and design work. They create cutting edge products from the controls they use down to the pipework materials. They continue to innovate every year, with new models being introduced to ensure they are offering the very best in technology and design, with a wide choice to suit every budget.

They use the finest methods of hand craftsmanship and modern technologies when building each hot tub. Their skilled teams use their hands to ensure every detail is to the highest quality standard combined with the latest technologies to maintain high levels of quality.

The stainless steel structure is hand-welded for each spa with the fiberglassing hand sprayed then hand rolled. All plumbing is assembled by hand and manually glued and fitted, and some of the jet holes are hand drilled or manually cut. All Platinum Spas hot tubs and swim spas come with wood composite side panels, making them perfect for all weather conditions. Essentially, each unit is custom made.

Another thing that sets Platinum Spas apart from the competition is the way they utilize thermal insulation in their hot tubs and swim spas as opposed to conventional full foam insulation. Full foam insulation is fine for containing heat in the hot tub itself, but can become a problem if there is ever a repair issue related to the piping. Thermal insulation allows easy access to all of the piping in the spa and contains heat as well.

platinum spas at crystal waters hot tub

 Some other outstanding Platinum Spas features are the center drain that allows you to drain your tub with no issues, leaving no residual water in the bottom of your tub. They also have a stainless steel frame which makes them more solid than most other tubs on the market. And, all of their jet motors have shut off valves which makes servicing your hot tub much easier. And finally, their 24/7 filtration system is a feature in all of their hot tubs. As the water is constantly being filtered, this leaves you with the cleanest water possible at all times.

To Sum it Up

Here at Crystal Waters Hot Tubs, we are excited to add Platinum Spas hot tubs and swim spas to our product offering lineup for you! They enhance our commitment to offering you a wide selection of high-quality, affordable hot tubs.

We’re here to help you with whatever you need to create your backyard oasis! Contact us today or visit our showroom in Warwick to get started planning your journey to relaxation.