Are you longing for your own backyard oasis to relax and unwind in? We’ve felt it, too. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to a posh resort. With a little creativity and planning, you can make your outdoor living space into the perfect oasis – with a hot tub and a little landscaping.

Choosing a Hot Tub as the Center of Attention

For many reasons a hot tub can be the key ingredient to creating your outdoor oasis:

  • They are amazingly relaxing! If you need to relax after a long day, then soaking in a bubbling outdoor hot tub will offer you one of life’s greatest pleasures. The swirling warm water helps to wash away your troubles, decrease stress, and help you unwind. You can use your hot tub as a form of emotional cleansing or to renew your spirit.

  • There are many health benefits that come from soaking in a hot tub such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved sleep, arthritis pain relief, quicker muscle recovery from exercise or physical therapy, and better cardiac health.

  • Your outdoor hut tub oasis can transform your boring backyard into the place to be for social gatherings. It can be difficult to chat in a restaurant or bar. If you have a hot tub gathering at home instead you’re completely in control of the playlist and you won’t have to wait in line for your drinks. That leaves much more time to have fun the way you want to – with the food, drinks and music that you like.

  • Your outdoor hot tub oasis can add value to your property. Many factors go into determining the value of the home. However, water features like spas can increase its value, especially if that feature is a complement to the property.

  • Your outdoor hot tub oasis will be more than just beautiful. It will be a relaxing place to end your day, has health benefits, is great for enjoying time with friends and family, and can improve the value of your property.

Transform Your Backyard 

No matter what size yard you have, everyone can transform their backyard into an amazing backyard oasis. Whether you plan to entertain, or just want a cozy backyard to relax in with your family after a long day here are four things to consider when designing your outdoor hot tub oasis that will help make your backyard a place you never want to leave.

  •  Make Your Space Functional – Think about your ultimate goal for spending time in your backyard oasis. Figure out how space will be used and then work from there. If planning to entertain, maybe put a small dining table and chair set, or if lounging is your goal, set up a plush seating area around a fire pit.

  • Provide Shade – No one is comfortable and relaxed when the hot sun is blaring in their eyes. Providing shade should be a top priority when designing your backyard oasis.

  • Apply the basics of interior design to your outdoor oasis: Décor, Furnishings, Lighting, Flooring (decks, hardscape, lawns and gardens), and Accessories.

  • Simplicity is Best – You’ve heard the old adage, “less is more,” and that definitely goes when creating a backyard oasis. Keep it simple. Keep your yard well maintained and get rid of any clutter that might be lying around. A backyard design doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just a few tweaks to a current landscape may be all that’s needed to create a personalized hot tub environment.

 You don’t necessarily need professional landscapers to create the perfect place to enjoy your hot tub but will need help with choosing the right hot tub for your needs. Our recent blog Choosing the Right Hot Tub For You will help you decide which hot tub will be best for your outdoor oasis.

As an aside you may want a hot tub that’s as good for exercising as it is for relaxing. In that case you may want to consider a swim spa. Swimming laps is easy when done in a spa with a swim current. Some swim spa models even have separate jetted sections for relaxing, giving users a chance to exercise and soak without leaving the hot tub. We’ll go in depth soon about swim spas in a coming blog.

 Bottom Line

A hot tub is the perfect solution and will help turn your backyard into an oasis instantly! It provides a serene place to unwind after a long day as well as a being a great place to socialize with friends and family. You can click here to take a look at our entire collection, stop by our showroom, or call us to learn more about our in-stock spas.

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