There are many things to consider when purchasing the right spa for you. We’ve put together some helpful info and frequently asked questions to help you! Feel free to call us at 401-486-7486 with any questions not listed here!

What size hot tub should I choose?

Looking for a relaxing oasis? A smaller spa would work best. We have 2 to 3 seat spa available just for you! Looking for a full-body spa and retreat for some relief in joint pain? You might consider our spas that have a lounge. Looking to enhance your backyard and create a gathering space? We’ve got bigger spas that will add to every backyard oasis. If you’re interested in “wowing” your guests, take a look at our swim spas!

Are they energy efficient?

Owning a spa means making an investment into your health and well-being. While our spas are built to be as efficient as possible, just like any large appliance, spas consume a good amount of electricity. It’s important to understand that you will very likely see an increase in your electric bill, and to factor that in when choosing the right spa for you. As you can see in the graphic, 86% of hot tub owners didn’t find the energy cost to be too expensive.

How will I keep it clean?

We stock everything you need to keep your water crystal clear – plus we offer our year round service program! When purchasing a hot tub from us, we will provide you with printed materials on how to care for your new spa. We recommend performing weekly and monthly check-ups to get the best performance out of your spa, and 90% of hot tub owners didn’t find maintenance too difficult. There are multiple ways to achieve a clean tub with minimal chemicals, but the approach really has to do with the climate in your backyard. Please see the graphic below to answer more questions.

How is a hot tub good for my body?

There are so many benefits to owning a spa. From relieving stress, improving your mental state, and helping you fall asleep faster, to increasing circulation, decreasing joint pain, and so much more! Starting and/or ending your day in your spa has many health benefits associated with it.

Is a hot tub worth the investment?

This really depends on your unique individual needs, but we personally feel that a hot tub is more than worth the investment! With the benefits of relaxation, rejuvenating pain relief, or just having a great place to gather and have fun, a hot tub is definitely worth it! We want to give you affordable options so that you end up with a spa that you LOVE! We also offer multiple ways to pay including cash, credit card (with a portion of the purchase supporting Hope Health Hospice Care through Swipe For A Cause), and 0% interest financing!

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer no money down, 24-month, 0% financing through Synchrony Bank! If you have questions about financing, please call us at 401-486-7486, we will be happy to help you!

Can I get a spa today?

We always have spas in stock, and get more every month! Check out our online store or call us to see what we have available. If we do have it in stock, we can deliver it within the week! Deliveries are typically $400 – $600 cash on the day of delivery. We also offer hot tub removal if you want to get your old tub removed to accommodate your new spa!


With top-of-the-line spas from Coast, Viking, and Platinum Spas, you can’t go wrong with investing in your wellness! We offer everything from a 2-person intimate oasis to an 8-seat party-central hub. We’re here to advise you on the best spa for you!

Crystal Waters is a family run business bringing affordable luxury and relaxation to New England. We are your one-stop-shop for all things hot tubs! We put luxury within reach with 24 month, 0% financing and shipping to RI, MA & CT. 


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